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The insurance claims process can be long, tedious, and sometimes much harder than it needs to be. A typical Insurance policy may be dozens of pages long and come with hundreds of provisions and stipulations. And the amount of paperwork and documentation necessary to process a claim can be monumental. That’s where We come in.

As a licensed Public Adjuster, We know the Insurance business inside and out. We are familiar with all the procedures and know what needs to be done to maximize your payout and get it to you without delay. After experiencing loss to your property, you shouldn’t have to deal with even more stress from Insurance Companies. Let us help relieve the burden and the hours involved in handling your claim, so you can get back to living.

Filing Your Claim

Claims go faster and smoother when
Utopia Public Adjusting and our service
are involved from the beginning…

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Our Appraisal Services provide an unbiased
assessment of your property’s damage
when there is a dispute with…

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Umpire Service

Our Umpire Services offer a neutral third-party
evaluation to resolve disputes between
policyholders and insurance companies…

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Estimating Reporting

Our team meticulously inspects for damage,
capturing detailed photographs
and providing precise estimates…

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Supplemental Claim Services

For insured property owners who
have received an incorrect settlement
amount from their insurance company…

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