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Public Insurance Adjuster

There are three types of
Claims Adjusters

Staff/Company Adjuster

Assigned and employed by the Insurance Company.

Independent Adjuster

Hired on a contractual basis by the Insurance Company.

Public Adjuster (P.A.)

Personally hired by the policyholder.

Public Insurance Adjusters

Or P.A.s, like ourselves are licensed professionals trained to handle property loss insurance claims for individual homeowners and businesses. Whereas your Insurance Company may already have their own Adjuster assigned to your claim, Public Adjusters are completely INDEPENDENT and UNAFFILIATED with insurance companies; that means we will solely advocate for YOUR interests to your Insurance Company and their Adjuster. We are equipped with all the software, resources, and experience necessary to ensure your claim is given proper attention, reported accurately, and met with a fair settlement.

Important Notes

“The only role of a Public Adjuster is to serve as an advocate and asset to policyholders during the insurance claims process.”

  • We are not lawyers and therefore, We cannot offer legal advice on insurance matters.
  • Although We have experience as contractors, We cannot simultaneously serve as your Public Adjuster and Contractor because doing so would create a conflict of interest. As such, We will not be directly involved in the repairs and reconstruction process.
  • It should also be noted that in certain states, it is considered a violation for an individual to perform public adjusting without a license. This is called the Unauthorized Practice of Public Adjusting (UPPA). Please contact us for more specific information on your state’s regulations.
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